Why Use QuickBooks?

At Skynar Bookkeeping, we utilize QuickBooks as our preferred accounting platform for many reasons. The first being it is the best accounting software for small and mid-size businesses—it is ranked number one among all other software for small business accounting. It is user friendly and can be used for any type of business. We strive to make our clients’ business lives easier and QuickBooks helps us do so.


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Beyond helping with a variety of accounting tasks like managing income and expenses, the QuickBooks line offers a wide array of options to best fit our clients’ needs. There are many options of QuickBooks products for different prices that offer you exactly what you need for your business. After determining our client’s needs, we recommend the best QuickBooks product for their business.

For example, QuickBooks Online (QBO) is accessible from any computer, which is incredibly convenient with how on-the-go life can be. Whether you have a Mac or PC, QBO can be retrieved because of its cloud-based feature. This means that rather than saving information to a computer’s hard drive, it is saved within a “cloud” on the internet. This feature allows us to help our clients wherever we are so long as we have internet access.

QuickBooks Online

      QBO can be accessed wherever, whenever.

Another useful feature is QBO’s ability to download a business’s bank activity. This eliminates one having to key in data entries individually, which could lead to potential errors. This is an error-free component that allows Skynar Bookkeeping to assist our clients in an efficient and timely manner.  This helps us to provide Real Time Accounting. Companies no longer have to wait weeks or months to see their bottom line.  

QuickBooks is the number one software for small business accounting for a reason. It is user friendly, has a wide array of options to fit our clients’ needs, and allows us to give them Real Time Accounting.

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