New To QuickBooks This Quarter

Something we love about QuickBooks is how much they appreciate their users. How do we know? They show us by staying up-to-date with new features to help make everyone’s bookkeeping quicker and easier. In case you missed it, here’s the rundown on the newest features added to QuickBooks through the first quarter of the year.

Just this month, QBO added Project Profitability. This feature is super beneficial for companies who are more project-based. You can track the expenses, income, and labor costs for each specific project. Not every project is worth your time, and this feature helps to determine which will be worth it and which you should pass on. Project Profitability allows you look at all your projects and compare their job costs using an itemized list. You can only look at individual projects specifically. You’re also able to see which employees worked on which project and how long.

In February, two neat features were added. In QBO, you now have the ability to manage multiple companies within one screen. No more switching browsers or logging into different accounts. You can easily move between accounts using a drop down menu in the top right corner of the page. Each time you choose a new company, a new tab will open, and you can open as many as you need. This makes shuffling from one company to the next a breeze.

The second feature is an update to the worker’s comp insurance process, which is now available in your workflow. Every company should have insurance to cover medical bills in the event of an employee injuring him or herself. You simply can’t afford not to. Intuit recently started offering quotes and a pay-as-you-go system for workers’ comp. To be quoted, click Workers -> Workers’ Comp -> Get Set Up. The entire process can be done online.

Keep your eye out for new monthly updates on QuickBooks – we know we will!