Choosing The QuickBooks Plan That Is Right For You

QuickBooks is the number one accounting software used by businesses with 5.6 million users worldwide. Aside from he convenience, efficiency, and ease of using the program, they also have multiple plans to choose from so you can pick the one that’s right for your business. With differing features and purposes, each of these plans has its own benefits and not all companies should have the same plan. Four of the five plans are for managing your books, and the fifth is for the self-employed tracking their own expenses.


Simple Start

This is the simplest plan QB offers. You can track income and expenses, capture and organize reports, maximize tax deductions, send invoices and accept payments, run basic reports, send estimates, and track sales and sales tax. The other plans have all of these features, as well, as these are the base tools each plan offers.


The Essentials offers the same features as Simple Start, plus you can manage bills, track time, and up to three users can have access to your account. This is convenient if you have an accountant/bookkeeper as they can access the same files as you.


This is the most popular plan, which offers everything Simple Start and Essentials does, plus track inventory, manage 1099 contractors, allow up to five users access to account, and the newest feature – track project profitability. This is usually the best fit for companies.


The Advanced Plan offers all of the above from the previous plus up to 25 users, Smart reporting by Fathom, accelerated invoicing, custom user permissions, and premium care with Priority Circle.

Fathom is a performance tracking software that easily integrates with your QBO account to analyze data, run reports and visuals, send alerts, benchmark, and consolidate data. You can also compare and rank your company to others.

Priority Circle is a customer success manager by Intuit. It offers you QB training classes for free, you can connect with top-performing agents for advice, and you’ll receive help choosing the right products for your business. These benefits are only available with QBO Advanced.



This plan allows a self-employed individual to separate business and personal expenses, automatic mileage tracking (unavailable on any other QB plan), send invoices, maximize deductions, and quarterly taxes estimated regularly. This is a simpler version of the previous QBO plans.

Self-Employed Tax Bundle

This plan takes things to the next level with the ability to pay quarterly taxes directly from QBO, easily transfer info to TurboTax, and file your state and federal tax returns confidentially. This tends to be more popular than the last because of the convenience of the tax features.

If you’re struggling with your current QBO plan and are considering a change or you’re unsure which plan would be right for your business, contact us for expert advice. If you’re new to QB and are considering purchasing, we have the BEST deal for you – simply contact us for more information.