Startup businesses often make the same mistakes that lead to the decline of their business. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you put too much time, money, and effort into your business for it to fail. Learn from the mistakes of other businesses and work to adapt accordingly.

One big mistakes startups make is not working with a CPA to plan, predict, and broadcast. CPA’s will point out important items to keep an eye on, and help you create a complete plan. This includes tax planning. Don’t forget about taxes or this will cost you down the road.

Not interacting with clients is another mistake you’d be surprised occurs quite often. It’s your job to make them happy – get to know them and their needs. Your clients are your audience, they’re the reason you make sales. Come out from behind the counter, your desk, or the back room and get to talking with your clients and customers!

Spending too much money too fast can also be detrimental to your startup. As a new business owner, there seem to be a million and one things you need to buy to get going, but overspending is a huge issue. It’s best to not buy anything until you need it. Overspending can lead to a decline of cash.

Another common mistake is not checking your books on a daily basis. Catch small mistakes or issues now rather than down the road when it will be much harder and more expensive to fix them. It can be overwhelming the amount of money going in and out of the business, and recording them creates a sense of organization and understanding. It’s vital to keep track of startup expenses. Keeping up with your bookkeeping needs to happen the moment the first expense is made to have accurate records.

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